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In today’s world, social media is part of our everyday lives and is something the majority of people will come into contact with on a daily basis. Whether or not you have a good understanding of social media though, it’s vital that you set up social accounts for your business so as to make the most of this potential customer base.

Social media is the ideal place to broaden your brand’s reach, so that it becomes a household name. Not only this, but social media can also drive traffic to your website, thereby increasing the number of people who are more likely to purchase your products or invest in your services. You’re able to directly access your customers through social media as well, so you can influence their opinion of your brand, show them what you have to offer and, most importantly of all, make your brand one that they’ll instantly recognise in the future.

Many people assume that social media is a place to plug your services and sell your products. However, at Online Intelligence, we understand the inner workings of social media and how it ought to be used for businesses, and so we never create campaigns that rely on this soapbox method. Instead, we use social media to ensure our clients always have a strong following online, and that this following is constantly engaged in what our clients have to say. We also ensure that we never push our clients’ customers to buy or invest; instead, it’s all about engagement, entertainment and influence.

Why is social media important for businesses?

Whether or not you utilise social media yourself, and whether you have personal accounts on one or all of them, social media is the perfect place to advertise your business. Not investing in social media management is tantamount to cutting off a portion of your customer base, as it can give you a chance to gain direct access to many people who, otherwise, would never come across your company.

With social media, you can build up a following who come to trust your brand, so the next time they need to invest in services such as yours or they need to buy products that you happen to sell, they’ll think of you first. With so many people accessing social media on a daily basis these days, it makes sense to make it one more of the bases you need to keep covered with your digital marketing campaign.

How does social media for business work?

The whole point of social media for a business relies on the idea that your brand is seen as a friendly and caring one, which customers will be able to identify with and which they won’t see as ‘salesy’. Constantly promoting your products or pushing your followers and fans to visit your website can really put them off, and if you’re currently relying on this method you might find it difficult to gain followers or fans.

At Online Intelligence, we rely on a method of creating interesting conversations around your brand, so that followers and fans are constantly engaged in conversation. Then, when they’ve come to like and trust your brand, they’ll be more receptive to requests to visit your website or to check out some of your products.

How does Online Intelligence manage social media campaigns?

We make sure your campaign gets off to a great start right from the word ‘go’. To begin with, we’ll discuss what you want to get out of a social media campaign, and will inform you of what you can expect. We’ll than create a profile of your target audience, so we can better understand the people we need to be talking to on your behalf. After this, we’ll be able to make sure we’re creating social content and talking to the right people.

Next, we’ll begin the process of engaging your followers and fans with interesting content. This could come in the way of a picture, a text post, a link to an interesting article that relates to your industry and much more. We’ll be sure to share information that your followers will be more likely to like, comment on and share, thereby increasing the reach of your social media profile. This is what will gain you more followers, and what will ultimately drive traffic to your website. This, in return, is much more likely to boost our revenue over time, and so social media marketing makes the ideal addition to your overall marketing campaign.

If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for your social media campaign, and how we can work with you to achieve success for your business, why not get in touch with us today?

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