CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation, which is something we at Online Intelligence are incredibly experienced in. We’re the experts when it comes to CRO, and so you can trust us to make sure your customers take the actions you want them to, which will in turn lead to more revenue for you and your business.

This is one of the most important aspects of running a company, and so it’s vital that your CRO is well managed and properly handled. We can ensure this is done perfectly and will be able to talk you through each and every part of the process.

What is CRO?

CRO, or conversion rate optimisation, essentially means that your customers are completing the actions that you would like them to take on your website. You can set these actions up in advance, so you can guide people from the sidelines as to what you’d like them to do on your website. Of course, if you aren’t sure what you’d like your customers to do once they click through to your website from a search engine, this is something we’ll be more than happy to help you with.

There are many different things that can be done with a well managed CRO campaign. This could be everything from signing up to your email newsletter, creating an account with your website, completing a transaction, downloading your app, or absolutely anything else as you see fit.

One of the best things about CRO is that it’s measureable, so you can find out how well your website is performing. We’ll be able to tell you all about this when we manage your campaign, so you won’t need to worry about monitoring your CRO results for yourself.

With CRO, you can create a structured approach to improving your website for both your customers and yourself, as you’ll be able to adapt your site to what you want your customers to do. In addition to this, you can use it to make it easier for your customers to navigate through your site.

How does CRO work?

There can often be quite a lot of jargon involved in CRO, and we’re sorry for that. However, you can trust that this is something we’re incredibly experienced in, so you don’t need to worry about understanding any of the complicated terms or phrases.

If you’d like to get a handle on what everything to do with CRO means though, here are some of the most common words you’ll come across when working with CRO:

Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is something that is used to push your customers into taking the action you’d like them to take. It could be anything for a large graphic of a ‘Book Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button, or a link to your app so that they can download. It’s something that’s easy to see, and easy to follow the instructions of, so people naturally continue down this route.

Conversion Funnel

This is the most common route through your website for your customers that will lead to them converting. Whether this is booking or buying one of your products or services, this sets the baseline for how customers would take action on your site in an ideal world.

A/B testing

Sometimes also known as split testing, this is one of the best ways to compare two CRO methods to find the best option. For example, if you want to get people to sign up to your newsletter, you could try two different methods – two different coloured buttons, for example. The results will tell you which colour your customers responded to in the best way, so you can continue with this option going forward.

Multivariate Testing (MVT)

Unlike A/B testing, multivariate testing allows you to test more than one thing at a time. For instance, you could have two versions of the same page on your website with a lot of changes on each, so you can find out which version people like best. If you have a lot of different CRO options, this method can be ideal.

Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who click through to your website and then leave it without continuing on to another page on the site. If you have a high bounce rate, this is something you need to rectify, as it shows that potential customers don’t like your website or that they don’t find it useful.

As you can see, CRO can be an excellent way to find out more about what your customers are doing on your website, and it can help you to improve your customers’ overall experience on your site. Not only this, but it can be an excellent tool when it comes to increasing your revenue, and so it really does pay to invest in it.

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