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With the increase in internet usage in recent years, it really does make sense to ensure your website is up to scratch. If you’re currently sporting a particularly retro website design, it could end up putting your customers off from purchasing your products or investing in your services, rather than urging them to make that all important sale.

The last thing any business owner wants to do is push customers away when they should be bringing them in. There’s nothing worse than knowing precisely why your company isn’t succeeding but not being able to do anything about it, but with Online Intelligence you’ll be able to get your website fixed in absolutely no time at all.

We’re dedicated to providing you with a website development service which perfectly suits your requirements, because we’re able to work with you to create a website that ideally suits your wants and needs. From creating something that will absolutely blow your competitors out of the water, to designing something that will make your customers feel as though they absolutely have to make their purchases from your website, we can handle everything.

You’re sure to be in safe hands when working with Online Intelligence, and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by what we can do for you.

What is involved in website development?

The process of creating a website can be an incredibly long and arduous one if you aren’t experienced in this part of the digital world. Without the know-how and experience to create a site for yourself, you’re bound to find it difficult to create something that will beat your competitors’ websites hands down.

One of the most important aspects of website design and development is that the resulting creation works perfectly for your customers. This means it needs to provide them with the ultimate customer journey, and that your site has to clearly direct them on a path from entering the site to carrying out a purchase.

With this in mind, your site needs to be easy to use, but it’s vital that the correct calls to action are in place. A call to action (also known as a CTA in the digital world) is something that, quite literally, asks your customers to carry out an action. Whether this is signing up to your newsletter, buying your products or registering their interest in your services, a call to action can and will make sure your site functions as it should do.

In a lot of cases, one of the main problems with websites is that the correct CTAs aren’t in place, which can make it difficult for customers to follow the customer journey you’ve planned out for them. With our help though, this can be rectified immediately.

We’re experienced in all of the most popular web development technologies, and so we can create a site that works for you. You won’t have to worry about doing anything for yourself either – we can handle absolutely everything, so you can sit back, relax and watch your website begin to work the way you always wanted it to.

Our app development

It isn’t just website development that we can handle though – we’re also experience in app development. In this day and age, with more and more people beginning to use their mobile phones for absolutely everything, having an app can really make a difference.

If you want to make sure you’re targeting your customers properly, it makes sense to have a app that those who prefer to make purchases through their mobile phones can use. There’s no reason why you can’t invest in this, whether you’re small business or a large corporation, having an app can help you to tap into a customers base you previously hadn’t paid any attention to.

We can work with you to develop an app that provides you with the correct marketing message, and which includes all of the features you want to have on offer. Whether you want an app that includes the majority of the features on your website, or something that’s beautifully slimmed down to provide just one service, we can help you.

You may have been burnt by app development before, as a lot of companies go into app development without really understanding how it works or why they need to be doing it. At Online Intelligence though, we can ensure your app works perfectly, and that it’s the best it can possibly be.

We’d be happy to discuss our app and website development services with you, so you can find out how we can make a different for your online business. Simply contact us today and we’ll get back in touch with you in no time at all, so you can get the answers you’re interested in right away.

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